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Canada Life


Office Development






Overbury Plc


Solid Strainless Steel, Bronze, Glass

Canada Life London, Flagship Store:  Architectural internal wayfinding signage and external signage.

Working at Canada Life's London Flagship Office development of this wealth, insurance and asset management solutions company,  WJ Gregg offered stunning bespoke signage solutions. Manufacture of deep solid stainless steel and bronze text and logo's, the branding complemented the limestone facades of this building beautifully.

Using the highest quality materials the finished results speak for themselves.  

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Internal door wayfinding signage systems consisted of WJ Gregg Stainless Steel Modular Z Block signage system.  Floor level indications were manufactured using etched reverse glass with solid bronze stood-off fixings.

Canada Life branding signage was manufactured from Solid 10mm depth Bronze and Stainless steel.

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