Rafa canvas wall decor


Rafa & Polycril Canvas Wall Decor

Discover how this stunning canvas wall covering can transform office environments, retail, galleries, hotels, museums, restaurants and public realm surroundings.

Seamless Rafa/Polycril canvas is pasted direct to your wall, with a drop of 5m and virtually any length - results are breathtaking. Unlike other digital wallpaper, there are no joins.


Our printing capacity allows wall murals and backdrops up to 5m high to be printed without joins. For stunning displays specify our new Polycril canvas:

• green/environmetally friendly PVC free

• 100% recyclable

• full blockout material, eliminates background show through grin

• fire retardent


The unique nature of this canvas allows fitting to curved walls with Polycril canvas lying flat and true.


Rafa/Polycril canvas is an affordable wall decoration solution with high resolution printing giving outstanding results everytime.


Now is the time to take advantage of our offer to create and install environmental graphics that get your organisation noticed.

Our pricing is remarkably low, but our service standards are high. And we offer a full consultation, survey and installation service.


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