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Case Study

Exchange House

At this brand new office development at London's Liverpool Street Station, the Architects required a modern interchangeable directory and wayfinding signage scheme.  We proposed our brand new Modular 2022 directory and wayfinding signage system.  Using the latest  3D printing technology the text is 3D printed and is fully interchangeable.  This directory gives the flexibility a busy office development needs.    



Following the simple black and white colour scheme,    To complement the directory and internal signage, we offered our Modular 2022 projecting signage units, which have interregnal LED illumination.

The curved internal illuminated reception sign made a stunning entrance statement and wayfinding 3D icons were incorporated on all the internal elevations.

Lastly large stood off aluminium floor numerals completed this interesting project.

For more information on our stunning new Modular 2022 directory and projecting signage, please contact us.


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