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High Weald Academy




High Weald




Bowmer & Kirkland Ltd


Internal & external  wayfinding signage 

The High Weald Academy

Internal and external wayfinding signage and graphics.

High Weald Academy was chosen to receive government investment, as one of four schools in the region to be built through the Priority Schools Building Programme.  WJ Gregg & Son were commissioned through their framework agreement to manufacture both internal and external wayfinding signage and graphics.

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0 - High Weald Academy External 4.jpg
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The High Weald Academy signage concept consisted of both wayfinding internal and external signage. 3D satin stainless steel lettering and logo was manufactured on the from elevation.  The trust wanted to opt for our popular WJ Gregg 2020 modular interchangeable signage system, which gave them the versatility they needed for future changes to rooms and areas within the main building.

The signage colour palette matched the internal classroom doors, to give a consistent pleasing light feel to all the areas.

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