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Youth Zone, Dagenham


Dagenham, Essex




Future, an onside Youth Zone


Internal and external wayfinding signage and graphics

Future, an onside Youth Zone. 

Internal and External wayfinding signage and graphics.

Appointed to work at this state of art purpose-built Youth Facility, specifically designed for disabled and young people, was a real privilege.   Working directly with the client, the signage brief was to offer signage and graphics which were eyecatching and inspiring.

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Future signage concept was designed to represent the vibrant onside Youth Zone audience, which is a Youth Charity for 18 to 23 year olds.

The external main elevation signage was constructed from two layers of text and had subtle LED halo illumination.  The smaller text was manufactured and fitted onto a special bar, to work with the wooden slats.

Internally Optically clear glass graphics worked really well in the day time and came to light with vibrant transparency in the evening.

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