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Leisure and Hospitality


Twickenham Stadium , London




Willmott Dixon Interiors Ltd


Bronze, Stainless Steel, Brass, Framing

Twickenham Stadium,

Internal and External bespoke signage and bespoke framing system. 

Working at the Iconic Twickenham Stadium, East Wing,  WJ Gregg & Son undertook a large signage project for Twickenham Stadium which was in excess of £140,000.  The Project consisted of various bespoke signage throughout the East Wing.  The project also incorporated the printing and framing of 100 artwork pieces.

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Working with Willmott Dixon Interiors, WJ Gregg & Son Ltd delivered a large signage concept at the Iconic Twickenham Stadium, which included 140 artwork framed pieces.

Small Built-up lettering and logo's in bronze, stainless steel, and brass was incorporated throughout the East Wing.  Bespoke hanging and projecting signage were also incorporated throughout the interior elevations.

The front elevation branding signage lettering and logo were manufactured in built-up face-lit LED lettering.

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